1WAY FM – connecting with the Canberra community

Aug 16, 2013

1WAYFMFor over 23 years 1WAY FM has been providing Christian music and programming to the people of Canberra – and with an estimated 30,000 listeners every month, it’s as popular today as ever.

As Canberra’s only Christian station, 1WAY FM aims not only to provide listeners with family friendly, easy listening music, but also to challenge the community to make a difference.

“As a faith based station we believe we have an obligation to uphold the values and principles that support the wellbeing and safety of our communities,” 1WAY FM General Manager, Colin Webster says.

“Being based in the nation’s capital brings that home all the more and we are blessed to have a voice in Canberra. We believe faith based media makes a difference to the culture of this country.”

But the station’s listeners don’t necessarily identify only as Christian. People from a range of religious groups and views tune in, attracted by the family friendly nature and value base of the content.

“It is estimated that Christian media reaches more Australians more frequently than churches do, with almost half of listeners not describing themselves as Christian. It’s not surprising as we live in community minded world, where generally good moral and ethical values extend beyond the boundaries of faith.”

While the station relies heavily on donations to fund its service, being a community radio station means 1Way FM measures its success in terms of community engagement and support, not just dollars.

“We strive to have an active local presence, supporting and participating with Christian and community organisations, events and activities.

“Although community stations generally have great community support, major expenses such as rental and transmission costs are generally outside our control. Funding core business and still planning for growth is one of those line items that consumes most managers and boards – it is no different in community radio.”

The difference is that for faith-based stations like 1WAY FM, success is not only measured by how they sound, but also how well they connect.